Reconstruction of the Thermal Power Plant „Nikola Tesla’’


Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” (TE “Nikola Tesla” or TENT) is the largest thermal power plant in Serbia and the largest producer of electricity in Southeast Europe. As part of the reconstruction of the Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla B1” in Obrenovac, Kodar Enegomontaza replaced the evaporator, steam pipes and suspensions.

As part of the replacement of the evaporator and burner with cages, electrical installation work was performed on the replacement and reconstruction of the electric motor drive and measurement and regulation equipment and devices for measuring pressure, temperature and pressure with the associated cable routes.

By implementing the same project, Kodar Energomontaža contributed to a more stable supply of electricity.

Client: JP EPS Beograd

Status: Completed May 2022