First Media facade in the Balkans


As part of the “Belgrade on Water” project, at the tallest building in the Balkans – “Belgrade Tower” (168m), Kodar through an EPC contract designed, supplied the equipment and performed works on the first job of this type in Serbia, construction of a media facade.

We have enabled all 9,317 individually controlled LED luminaires to serve as a dynamic backbone for text, graphics and video content.

After designing and delivering the equipment when we were supposed to start the installation, an unforeseen challenge arose. The investor told us that most of the facade is not ready and that the basket system for work on the facade is also not working and asked us if we can find a solution to keep the system in operation within the planned time (New Year’s performance). We quickly got organized and from several of our projects we pulled in specially trained fitters to work at high altitude using mountaineering equipment. Their training and skills have made a key contribution to this project.

Despite difficult weather conditions, significantly shortened deadlines and the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was completed on time.

Investor: Belgrade Waterfront

Status: Completed, 2022