Kodar Energomontaža is a leading regional EPC company.

With good development projects, first-class management and market leader in operational capacity, Kodar Energomontaža developed into an EPC company which works on great projects, some of which we have created ourselves.

Kodar Energomontaža is committed to building a better world and, through great projects, helping humanity progress towards a sustainable future and connectivity.

We are convinced that this commitment is essential not only for our company’s business future, but also for the people as a whole. For this reason, Kodar Energomontaža is committed to sustainability in all areas in which it operates. We are constantly striving to improve in order to meet our ambitious goals.

Our vision is our most important asset and the foundation on which we build the future and reach our full potential.

EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction
EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction


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