Cable Line 110 kV TS Beograd 1 – TS Beograd 6


In order to increase the capacity and reliability in the supply of electricity to the consumption area of ​​the center of Belgrade, Kodar has started work on replacing the existing 110kV oil cable with a new dry 110kV cable.

In order to overcome the complexity of performing works along the busiest roads in Belgrade in the length of 4.5 kilometers, for the first time in the eastern part of Europe, 110kV cables will be installed with a cable entanglement system.

Cable entanglement is the latest method and system that uses water pressure to make the installation of power cables in pipes easier, safer and more reliable. Analyzing the challenges, our team changed the current methodology of working with an open trench, which required excavation of streets in the length of 1000 meters in order to lay cables in the excavated trench. We have applied a new technology where construction works are performed at a maximum of 50 meters, where special pipes are laid and the section is buried and returned to its initial state, and only then a new one is opened. Through training, we have mastered the use of this technology and thus enabled the application of working methods that avoid open trenches and which allow easy replacement of future cables.

We organized the project in such a way as to optimize the work of our teams and at the same time enable the citizens of Belgrade to function normally.

Client: EMS A.D.

Status: Ongoing 2022