400kV and 2x400kV transmission line Čevo – Pljevlja, CGES


The 400 kV transmission line Čevo-Pljevlja is an EPC project which includes the construction of a mixed transmission line 2×400 kV and 400 kV from Čevo to Pljevlja, 115 km long.

The route of the transmission line is located on extremely difficult to access, wooded and mountainous terrain where the average altitude is over 1,000 meters, and the highest altitude exceeds 1,600 meters and includes the crossing over 3 canyons, Komarnica, Bukovica and Tara.

Faced with such challenges, our team devised and used an innovative way of stretching conductors and OPGW cables using a special drone that we designed ourselves for such occasions. With this solution, we have optimized the work of our teams, reduced the felling of forest mass to the necessary minimum and thus contributed to the preservation of nature. With this approach, Kodar set a new standard for stretching conductors using new technologies and once again confirmed its inventiveness.

We have also built 120 kilometers of new roads to access the locations of future pillars. We have thus created a transport infrastructure that people from all the surrounding areas will use to access their properties, and which will improve their lives as a whole due to the new roads.

The aim of this project is to build energy infrastructure in Montenegro that will provide conditions for connecting the power system of Italy and Montenegro, solving problems with the supply of electricity at the transmission level on the coast of Montenegro and improving power supply security in northern Montenegro.

Client: CGES

Status: Ongoing 2022