– By the end of August, we managed to realize over 70% of the contracting plan for 2022. Our colleagues from the sales sector realized the set goals with their efforts and contracted new projects that will contribute to the further development of our company. We are confident that we will implement the contracted projects on time and within the budget and that together we will achieve the planned results. The contracted projects provided us with jobs for 2023.

– We have successfully completed negotiations with the company Open Dutch Fiber B.V. and agreed to cooperate on the development of their FTTH network. The first in a series of future projects was contracted in the city of Hellevoetsluis, where Kodar Energomontaža will build a network for 17,900 users through an EPC contract. This project will employ over 100 people in the next 18 months and contribute to us as a company increasing our presence on the Dutch market.

– We finished the construction of two solar power plants OMV Ražanj and Aleva Doo Novi Kneževac. By building solar power plants, our company gained the necessary experience and acquired the necessary knowledge for further development and construction of similar projects in the future. Construction of turnkey solar power plants will be one of the directions of our development as an EPC company in the future.

– We contracted the project of adaptation and rehabilitation of transmission line 110kV, TS Beograd 5 – TS Inđija 2 for EMS A.D. This contract is a confirmation of our knowledge, ability and quality. Works on adaptation and rehabilitation of transmission lines will contribute to our employees once again confirming their abilities and passing them on to younger colleagues who will be our support for the further development of the company in the future.

– We contracted the EPC project for the construction of the 110/35kV substation “Belgrade 42 (Grocka)” for the Electric Distribution of Serbia. By building the mentioned substation, we will significantly contribute to the modernization of the electric power network and the modernization of the infrastructure necessary for the further development of Belgrade. Our company will employ significant resources to complete this project on time, on budget and with the expected quality. Our employees will have the opportunity to participate in the construction project of the 110/35kV substation and thereby gain new knowledge and experience that will certainly contribute to our further development.