In more than six decades of existing, we have built thousands of kilometers of transmission power lines and cable lines of all voltage levels ((400kV, 220kV, 132kV, 110kV, 35kV, 20kV, 10kV), as well as a huge number of transformer substations. We have successfully executed projects for all system operators and electric utility power companies in the Balkan region.

Expert staff, technical equipment and our experience contribute to the successful execution of even the most demanding projects. Good connections with a large number of suppliers of equipment give us the opportunity to offer a solution which will be adapted to each project individualy.

Transmission tower
  • Transmission
    • Overhead and underground transmission lines
    • Engineering, procurement and construction
    • Right-of-way clearing and access roads
    • Foundation construction and civil work
    • Steel tower assembly and erection
    • Poles – steel, wood and composite
    • Bundled conductor stringing
    • Inspection and maintenance
    • Testing, commissioning and start-up
    • Experience building up to 500 kilovolts
    • Specialized transmission crews
    • Various stringing tools including four drum tensioners, sagging winches, pilot winders and travelers for four bundle transmission lines
  • Distribution
    • Overhead and underground distribution lines
    • Inspection and maintenance
    • Emergency restoration
    • Testing and commissioning
    • Experienced in urban, suburban and rural environments
    • Four-party services, subdivisions, street lighting, industrial and residential installations
    • Energized or de-energized line work
    • Innovative and well-maintained equipment
  • Substations
    • Engineering and design
    • Material and equipment procurement
    • Clearing, grading and site preparation
    • Foundation construction and civil work
    • Equipment installation
    • Substation modifications and upgrades
    • Inspection services
    • Maintenance and emergency restoration
    • Testing and commissioning