Kodar is a pioneer and a leader in the region and a renowned name in Europe when it comes to telecommunications.

We are executing some of the most complex projects in that field and we offer complete process – from network planning, site acquisition and adjusting documentation with applicable legal regulations, to design, construction, installation, preventive and corrective maintenance for complete telecommunication and accompanying infrastructures.

We have worked on projects in more than 15 countries, the organization of our work is adapted to various market demands and economic conditionalities. Geographical coverage and regional coordination enable us to provide service to clients throughout Europe, which is why we are the preferred partner.

Telecommunication tower
  • Wireless
    We provide wireless telecommunication services with the turn-key principle encompassing the entire life cycle of telecommunication network.

    Preparation and planning

    • Network architecture planning
    • Initial coverage planning and radio planning
    • The acquisition of sites and legal regulations


    • Telecommunications systems design
    • Transmission system design
    • Telecommunication facilities design
    • Whole telecommunication facilities including architectural, civil construction, electrical and steel construction solutions for projects following a turnkey system


    • Manufacturing of steel constructions for telecommunication facilities
    • Civil works and electrical engineering works on telecommunication facilities
    • Telecommunication equipment installation
    • Commissioning and integration of telecommunications equipment


    • Preventive maintenance of mobile network infrastructure, active and passive equipment and diesel generators
    • Corrective maintenance of mobile network infrastructure, active and passive equipment and diesel generators

    Monitoring and optimization

    • Network performance monitoring (KPI)
    • Drive Tests and post processing of results
    • Radio parameters analysis and optimization


    • Realization of every part of the modernization project by the turn-key system:
    1. Planning and organization of complete modernization project
    2. Hardware realization: site survey, site design, logistics, installation, commissioning, service check-up, troubleshooting
    3. Software realization: parameters mapping, cell scripts preparation, O&M support, Drive Tests, monitoring and optimization
    • Ensuring of minimal impact on network performance and user’s experience during a project
  • Fiberoptic
    • Design and construction HFC(Fiber Coaxial Networks) , FTTx (FTTH,FTTC,FTTB) access networks and magistral networks(backbone)
    • Material and equipment procurement
    • Inspection and maintenance PON(Passive Optical Networks)
    • Installation equipment(splice boxes, patch cords, pigtails, patch panels, ODF)
    • Installation different types fiber optic cables(‘’underground’’, ADSS, OPGW)
    • Modern equipment for the execution works, measurements and diagnostics in fiber optic networks.