Substation 110 / 10kV “Belgrade 45 – Sava Amphitheater


Within the shopping center “Gallery”, and for the needs of powering part of the promising consumption of Belgrade on water, through the EPC contract, we built a modern transformer station that will enable the development of this part of the city of Belgrade. This project is specific in that we designed and built the first urban 110 / 10kV substation, which is completely located in the building of the Galerija shopping center, below ground level. From the idea to the realization, we finished the work in 14 months.

The challenges we successfully overcame were:

– installation of GIS in the shopping center building,

– installation of energy transformer below ground level,

– the first installation of DURECSA – fully insulated busbar system for connecting MV switchgear and HV equipment due to very limited space in the building,

– horizontal drilling under boulevards and intersections with very heavy traffic

Client: Belgrade Waterfront

Status: Completed 2019