Solar Power Plant Lebane Novo Selo 8 MW


The Lebane Novo Selo solar power plant project is an EPC project that included the construction of an 8MW installed power plant as well as a 35kV PRP with a connecting cable line for the introduction of the existing 35kV transmission line into the newly built PRP.

The aforementioned solar power plant is the second largest that was built on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The experience we gained on this project will certainly be the foundation for future projects of construction of renewable energy sources.

By building solar power plants, our society is moving in the direction of creating a sustainable and green energy sector, which implies the reduction of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions, and thus cleaner air and a healthy environment. The power plant will annually produce 12GWh of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11,000 tons, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.

We are proud of the team that worked on this exceptional project, which fully follows our vision to improve people’s lives through the construction of significant facilities.

Client: Novo Selo Power d.o.o.

Status: Completed in 2023.