Reconstruction of TS 110/20kV Bela Crkva


Kodar Energomontaža carried out the reconstruction of the Relay Protection System and implemented it in the remote control system in the 110/20kv Bela Crkva Substation. The mentioned works were carried out in 25 cells of the 20kV distribution plant with the delivery and installation of new cabinets for the distribution of own consumption.

The biggest challenge on this project was reflected in the working conditions in the field, which were dictated by the need to ensure continuous power supply to the consumers while at the same time works on the reconstruction of the building are being carried out.

In order to meet all the demands of the investors, night work on the building was organized as necessary, with interruptions in the power supply to consumers from midnight to 6 in the morning, when the need for consumption is the lowest.

With the dedication of our teams, the project was successfully completed with minimal impact on the supply of consumers, and thus contributed to the modernization of the Bela Crkva substation.

Client: Elektrodistribucija Srbije doo Beograd

Status: Completed June 2022