Improvement of the internet network in the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp


With the implementation of this EPC project, Kodar Energomontaža has enabled a stable internet connection for thousands of households in the Dutch municipality of Pijnacker Nootdorp.

FTTH technology (Fiber To The House) enables the fastest possible global network and service availability, which contributes positively to the development of the economy and the living environment.

Before the installation of the FTTH network, the entire area in the municipality of Pijnacket Nootdorp did not have good internet connection, so the project had great support from the municipality and the population.

Considering the short deadlines, every segment of preparation, design and execution was planned in detail. Within 6 months, we managed to connect 3.208 out of a total of 3.349 households. The productivity of this project of about 96% of installed connections is a record, both for our company and for KPN.

Client: KPN B.V.

Status: Completed June 2022