FTTH Network development for KPN B.V.

By building an optical network, we built an information highway for 32,000 households. This EPC project has enabled the citizens of the province of South Holland to have better lives in digital connectivity and will be ready to welcome the next technological revolution, connecting to the IoT (internet of things)

After 2 years of work, our team of over 100 people managed to realize the project on time and on budget. Although this was our first job in the Netherlands and our first job for a new client, our team was able to adapt quickly and overcome challenges throughout the project. In cooperation with the investor, local municipalities and citizens, we managed to complete the first phase of our project in the Netherlands.

The project included the preparation of project documentation, the necessary formal and legal documentation, procurement of materials and equipment, all necessary construction and installation work related to the laying of optical infrastructure and installation of equipment, as well as functional testing.

We continue forward …

Investor: KPN BV

Status: Completed 2021