Transmission line Čevo - Pljevlja

The project 400 kV DV Čevo-Pljevlja includes the construction of a mixed 2x400 kV and 400 kV transmission line from Cevo to Pljevlja in the length of about 115 km, out of which a double-circuit line (400 110 kV) is from Brezna to Kosanica, in the length of 40 km.

The route of the transmission line is located on a hardly accessible, wooded and mountainous terrain, with an average altitude of over 1.000m and the highest altitude of over 1.600m and is going over the canyon of the river Tara. The works include the construction of a 110 kV cable connection and disassembly of one part of the existing transmission line.

The goals of this project are to construct the electric power infrastructure on the territory of Montenegro, which will create conditions for connecting Electric Power Systems of Italy and Montenegro, reduce difficulties in delivery of electricity at the transmission level in the coastal area of Montenegro, ensure connection of SS Žabljak and SS Brezna at 110 kV voltage level and improve security of power supply to the consumers on the northern parts of Montenegro.

Steel-lattice towers have been developed (designed and tested) by Kodar Energomontaza.

Some of the key technical features:

  • Transmission line 2x400 kV and 400 kV, total length 115km
  • A part of a double circuit line 2x400 kV, 41km:
    - Steel-lattice towers, barrel type, 147 pieces, cca 3400 tons of construction
    - Conductor 500km; OPGW 240km
  • Part of a single circuit 400 kV, 75km:
    - Steel-lattice towers, type Y, 190 pieces, cca 2560 tons of construction.
    - Conductor 450km; OPGW 160km.