Bezbednost - slika

The safety of employees, clients, the work environment and the environment is of primary importance for Kodar Energomontaza.

Our teams work on complex projects on very demanding terrains and that is why the safety of our teams and all participants in the project is one of the prerequisites for doing business. When it comes to the working environment, we insist on high security and technical standards.

In order to achieve our high, saftey/security and technical standards that Kodar Energomontaza accomplished throughout decades of experience working on the most complex projects, we’ve created a special training center in which training is continuously carried out by professional stuff.

As a result, to this approach and excellent results in the field of health, safety and security at work, our company has been recognized as a positive example for other companies in the region. Now a large number of other companies send their employees to training in our training center.

Environmental protection is as important for us as the safety of our employees. We are particularly proud of the socially and ecologically responsible behavior of our employees who have many times rescued bird nests and birds that usually live on the transmission line pillars.