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Transformer Substation 35/10KV Ulcinj (Montenegro)

March 22. 2019.

In the strict core of the town of Ulcinj, in a densely populated urban area, we had the task to create an appropriate terrain in the impossible conditions for the construction of a new facility TS 35 / 10kV "Novi Ulcinj", all in a short time and respecting the norms of execution of works applicable on the Montenegrin coast.

The project included the rehabilitation of hard-to-reach buckets and the setting up of a demanding support infrastructure to ensure the preconditions for the commencement of the facility's construction. This put our team ahead of numerous challenges because finding the optimal solution meant a high level of innovation. As the ban on work during the summer months and during the tourist season was in effect, the coordination of our teams participating in the project implementation was of great importance. After the final project task, we had to optimize the dynamic plan of realization according to which our construction and elite teams completed the works in turn, in July 2018, according to the highest standards and six months before the deadline.

New facility TS 35 / 10kV "Novi Ulcinj", investor CEDIS - Montenegrin power distribution system, has 5 cells 35kV and 13 cells 10kV (both plants are gas insulated), two energy transformers 35 / 10kV, 8MVA, management and protection system.

It is important to emphasize that the construction of this facility has solved the necessary infrastructure precondition, for further tourist valorization of the municipality of Ulcinj, ie for now, certainly, the increase in hotel capacities. Also, the possibility for the development of 10kV network and connection of new individual and residential-business facilities has opened up.

Transformer Substation 35/10KV   Ulcinj (Montenegro)