Infrastruktura - slika

We build roads for energy from sources to consumers - from construction works, production of steel towers and switchboards, to electrical installation works. We design, build and maintain electric underground networks and above ground networks and transformer substations of all voltage levels, mobile and temporary substations, industrial energy facilities and facilities of road and rail infrastructure, as well as lighting networks and public lighting. We also work on installation works in housing, business, industrial, sports and business facilities.

Our ideas, projects, technical solutions and innovations, as well as our expert staff, have participated in the most significant infrastructure projects in energetics and telecommunication field in Serbia and the region. Personnel and technical equipment enable us to respond to the most complex requirements of clients, according to the most demanding standards. We are capable of executing the entire project with our own capacities and resources and we guarantee the quality of the product and optimal costs.

In the field of telecommunication infrastructure, we design, build and maintain all sorts of copper and optic networks. We build cable TK sewerage, a montage of copper and optic underground and above ground networks, provide production of internal telephone installations, installation of KDS system, optical installations and installation of active and passive telecommunication equipment.

Infrastructure projects that we executed successfully have recommended us and our work outside of the borders of our region, where we have also carried out projects with success.