Ko smo mi - slika

In an era of interconnectivity, high technology allows electric energy and information to be available to everyone. This is ensured by building the corresponding infrastructure, which has to provide efficiency, reliability and secure transmission. That endless network, woven from a multitude of cables and conductors that transmit energy and information, reflects the universal process which defines the time and space around us as the moment of communication. Being a part of that process is the civilization standard, and developing it - is a lifetime privilege. More than a half-century ago we decided to be a part of that process.

Let us introduce...

We are a service company specialized for works in the field of transmission and distribution of electric energy and telecommunication systems and equipment. After merging two leading companies in the regional market, Energomontaza and Kodar, in 2017 under the name Kodar Energomontaza we started a new chapter with tendencies to keep the leading position in our region and expand our work into the world market.