Nas koncept - slika

Honesty - We are open, honest and trustworthy.

Integrity - We hold to our own words, fulfill our promises and follow the highest standard of ethical behavior.

Respect - We are working hard to gain the trust and respect of business partners in every project.

Dynamic - We are always looking for new opportunities for improvement, advancement and learning.

Commitment - We love our work, we have an initiative, we are taking over leadership and always follow our own example.

Teamwork - Every employee and business partner have the opportunity to contribute to projects. This belief is crucial to common success.

Safety - We never endanger the health and safety of our employees.

Diversity - We equally value women and men of different ages, religions and ethnicity.

Social responsibility - We encourage and support employees and their desire to improve the quality of life in their community. Kodar Energomontaza is a partner that contributes to the development of industry through active participation in associations in our field of activity.