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How everything started?

Energomontaza was founded in 1958 as a company that provided service in the field of construction of electric and telephone networks. By executing projects successfully and entering other markets we have built a modern system that works in the design and construction of transmission lines, transformer stations, telecommunication facilities, and the production of metal structures. Our design teams have enabled the company to compete in the most complex projects, such as infrastructure systems of national importance.

Kodar was founded in 1989 as a company specialized for the high elevation works. Since 1995, the main business activities have been the tasks in designing and developing of mobile networks. In that period Kodar became the company that offered complete solutions for mobile networks and soon emerged as a leader in that segment of the business. After developing on the domestic market, Kodar started to expand to the countries of the region, Central Europe and the Nordic region.

Another specific feature of our company is by beeeing the pioneers in our job in the region, by building itself, Kodar Energomontaza has been paveing the path for other companies that came after.

Today, Kodar Group has more than 20 companies all around the world.